STEP ONE - The Consultation
When a prospective client calls us for a consultation, the Owners and a Designer from the RARE team come to the home to look over the project. We discuss expectations, brain storm ideas, inspect the space, and take photos. We talk about budgets, how the job will be financed and discuss time frames. We generally give a range of pricing based on our experience of the cost of other similar projects we have done.

Then our team takes all the information and we develop a preliminary idea, with sketches or drawings and a tentative budget range. This takes about two weeks. We meet again to make a presentation based on the above. We discuss the pros and cons of that scenario and leave a written proposal.

STEP TWO - The Commitment
Once a client decides we are the right company to work with we sign a one page document we call a “Letter of Intent”. The client pays a small fee that covers the cost to finalize the design work, produce working drawings, and consult on product selection. Most importantly signing the Letter of Intent puts the project on RARE’s current construction calendar.

STEP THREE - The Contract
When the final drawings are approved, the products are selected. Then the budget is finalized based on the scope of work and specifications. The schedule is then set and we sign a contract. This legal document is two pages; above items are a part of the contract by reference.

Once a project begins, communication during the job becomes critical. We provide a Job Book – this binder holds all the pertinent information required by the Lead Carpenter and his crew to do the job. There is a daily report that the Lead Carpenter fills out. It tracks what is done each day, what is coming up, and what our client might need to do to be ready for the next days work. Finally, there is a section, where the homeowner can write notes to the Lead and he back, if paths do not cross during the day.

We also hold Project Meetings. These may be weekly or bi-week depending on the duration and complexity of the project or a particular phase of the job. This meeting is held either early morning or late afternoon with the Clients, the Lead Carpenter and the Designer/Project Manager. Discussions are held on what comes next and what questions and concerns from either side need to be answered at that time.