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Updates on Family Health Care Addition

July 26, 2012

admin @ 5:07 pm

We are finishing the work on the first floor, which includes tying the new addition into the existing building .  Next will be the floor sheeting, and then we will proceed to the second floor walls.  The project is going smoothly with only a couple small changes to a few floor joists.  We hope to have rough framing completed within the next week.  We will then come back and install siding after the windows have been installed.  Keep a look out for more pictures in a few days.


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Updates on Wonder

admin @ 5:02 pm

The exterior is now complete, including guttering.  Our interior trim is now being installed, and our interior paint will be next.  We will have pictures of the trim work in about week.  We have also found the basment floor drains to be defective, and have cut the concrete basment floor, installed new floor drains, and under ground piping.  We just need to re-install the concrete, and paint the floor.  Look for more pictures and updates soon!

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Family Health Care Addition

July 24, 2012

admin @ 10:40 am

This is the new Family Health Care Addition that Rare Construction is building.  This is a commercial project. We are handling the Framing portion of the addition for the General Contractor.  The General Contractor on this addition is (Centric Projects). The Framing portion will take a total of three weeks to complete.  Look for more pictures and descriptions in the upcoming weeks!

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Mercier Fire Restoration / Whole House

July 17, 2012

admin @ 11:46 am

These are our most recent pictures of our progress on our whole house fire restoration. We have completed the framing,roofing,siding and windows,insulation,rough plumbing.rough electrical and and are installing hardwood floors. Next will be interior trim and paint.

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