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12 years Remodeling

December 21, 2011

12 years Remodeling
Rose @ 1:23 pm

Here at Rare Construction, our company has been in remodeling for 12 years.  When we started out in 1999, we  limited our work to just kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling.  About five years into the business, we added room additions.  We found that many room additions were done to expand either a kitchen or a Master Suite. New homes were larger and had more open floor plans. The only way to accomplish that look in a smaller home was to add on.

Now, years later and in the economic times we are in, we are back to staying within the foot print of the home.  Many people are down sizing or deciding to stay where they are.  Rearranging the space to better suit the family’s needs is what we are doing today.  A great reference book we use is from Sarah Susanka and called The Not So big House. Here is a link to her web site. http://www.notsobighouse.com/  Her approach will work in any size house – the idea is to design or remodel the space so it suits your particular needs.  Have fun on her web site- it might just change how you think about where you live.

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NW Crooked Road Residence – Master Bathroom

December 20, 2011

Alli @ 2:44 pm

We at RARE Construction have finally wrapped up the master bathroom remodel at the residence on NW Crooked Road! And just in time for the holidays!!  RARE thinks it came out beautiful and so do the homeowners! Everything from the Giallo Ornamental Granite countertops, to the oak cabinetry, to the deep wine colored walls all ties in to make a very warm and luxurious bathroom!  RARE truly has enjoyed working on all of the many projects with these homeowners, we couldn’t be more excited for them and we sincerely hope they enjoy their new master bathroom!

The final pictures of the new bathroom below show the new paint job in the master bathroom as well as the master bedroom. The homeowners chose Sherwin Williams Fiery Brown – SW 6055 as the accent wall color in the bathroom and the main color for the master bedroom and the main color in the bathroom is Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige – SW 6080.

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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

Alli @ 2:37 pm

RARE Construction is quite please with the amount of progress at the whole house remodel in Overland Park!!

As you can see from the pictures below the front porch is complete. With its arts & crafts design, it creates a beautiful new inviting front entrance to the house. We used the Moisture Sheild Composite Decking on the new set of stairs leading up to the front door. We also used composite deck screws that countersink.

Much of the interior framing is now complete. Our hardwood floor sub-contractor pieced in several areas around the house where we had removed walls and fixed several thresh-holds where one room meets the next.  The homeoners also decided on continuing the hardwood floors throughout the kitchen which was previously carpet. All of the rough-in plumbing and electrical was also completed last week in preparation for KC Drywall to start on Wednesday of this week.

More updates and pictures to come!!



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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

December 6, 2011

Alli @ 9:35 am

There has been a lot of progress on the whole house remodel in Overland Park over the last two weeks!

The exterior updates are mostly complete except for the front porch. We are waiting on the Moistureshield, Earthtones decking material. The guys have moved inside and have finished the interior demo. They have been steadily working on framing all of the new spaces.  There are several pictures below showing the new hallway leading to a new back door to the back patio, as well as the new quest bathroom and guest bedroom. Also the newly framed in master bedroom closet and master bathroom.

We are ordering the Merillat Classic – Portrait Medium Oak kitchen cabinets this week as well, along with the bathroom vanities.

More updates and pictures to come!

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