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EPA Announces HOLD on Proposed Lead Clearence Rule

July 20, 2011

admin @ 3:07 pm

EPA’s statement: after carefully weighing all available science and considering the public comments,EPA has concluded that the current lead safe work practices and clean up requirements will protect people from lead dust hazards and therefore it is not necessary to impose lead-dust testing or clearance requirements in the Lead Renovation,Repair and Painting rule (LRRP).  So the EPA is NOT imposing mandatory 3rd party clearance testing… But the EPA and Kansas still have the RRP regulations in place and we as Remodeling Professionals must follow them.

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Our Shawnee, KS Kitchen Remodel Challenges and Solutions

July 18, 2011

admin @ 11:43 am

Our  first challenge was how to get a new gas line to our new location without tearing out our clients finished basement ceiling. Our solution was to run a new 1” gas line from the meter,  along the bottom of the siding around to our entry point. We then fed our new gas line thru an empty joist space to our new location. The stove was a duel  fuel  G.E. Café purchased from Factory Direct Appliances.

Our second challenge was getting a new circuit for our new microwave location. This was also accomplished by running our new circuit thru an exterior conduit to our entry point, and then feeding the wire over to its new location. We then had our RARE Remodeling team paint the gas line and electrical conduit to match the siding color. This made both lines essentially disappear.

Our next challenge was to get power to our 3 new pendant lights without affecting the kitchen ceiling, We accomplished this by removing a section of carpet from the second floor hallway. We then cut out a section of subfloor, ran our new circuit, replaced the subfloor,and re-installed the carpet.  We saved valuable time and a major amount of demo. This also saved our clients from having their home life disturbed.  As with most remodels, the client is living in the home during the remodel process.

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