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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

February 3, 2012

Alli @ 3:47 pm

There has been an incredible amount of progress at the whole house remodel in Overland Park! We are quickly wrapping up the project with final touches and making sure the details are just perfect for the homeowners to move in!

The walls have all been painted, the tile floors in both bathrooms have been laid, as well as the fireplace and kitchen back splash. The wood floors have been re-finished, the cabinets have been set and the counter tops have been installed.  The lighting fixtures have all been hung.

We are putting the final touches on the house, so hopefully the homeowners can move in in about 2 weeks or so! RARE is so excited with the outcome of this whole house remodel and we hope the homeowners like it as much as we do!!

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Expand your space without a room addition!

January 24, 2012

Expand your space without a room addition!
Rose @ 10:22 am

During the last several years we have been expanding our client’s homes with room additions. We found that many room additions were done to accommodate either a new, larger kitchen or to build a larger master suite. New homes were larger and had more open floor plans.  Often, the only way to accomplish that look in a smaller home was to add on.

Now, years later and in the present economic times we are designing many projects within the existing foot print of the home.  People are down sizing or deciding to stay where they are.  Rearranging the current space to better suit the family’s needs is what we do today. We have also used “bump outs” 2 feet deep or so to enlarge the space “Just Enough” to accomplish the design. A great reference book we use is called Creating the Not So big House from Sarah Susanka. Her approach is to design the house and each room in it to suit the needs of the individual clients who live in the home.  Her concepts will work in any size house – the idea is to design or remodel the space so it suits your particular needs.  Have fun on her web site- it might just change how you think about where you live.  

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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

January 18, 2012

Alli @ 9:46 am

A tremendous amount of progress has been made at the whole house remodel in Overland Park this past week!! The project is moving very quickly at this point and the house is truly looking more and more like a home every day!

The kitchen cabinets which are Merillat Classic – Portrait Oak Medium, were installed this week and are looking pretty nice! The countertop fabricators came out to template the kitchen countertops on Monday. The homeowners have chosen a Corian – Medea for their countertop. Also, they have decided on a hard maple butcher block top on either side of the range at the pennisula, as this will become the designated prep area.  The bathroom vanities were also set this week and are Merillat Classic – Potrait Oak Medium as well.

They guys have laid the tile floors in both the master bathroom and guest bathroom, as well as the fireplace and hearth. In the master bathroom, the homeowners chose a 6×6 Crystal River – Archeonlogy – Glazed Porcelain for the floor. In the guest bathroom they decided on a very clean and simple 2″ white hex tile with a natural grey grout. The fireplace  and hearth were kept very contemporary and simple in design with the 13×13 Ragno cathedral Stone Piere glazed porcelain tiles.

The walls have been painted! Along with all of the trim which will be finished up today! All of the walls in the house except for the bathrooms are Benjamin Moore’s – Sag Harbor Gray. The ceilings are Sherwin Williams – Natural choice, while the trim, base, doors and frames are all Sherwin Williams – Creamy. The Bathroom walls are Benjamin Moore – Smoky Taupe.

Today the sanding begins on the hardwood floors, both existing and new. This process should take about 3 days. And then the floors will be ready for staining and 2 coats of finish!

More updates and pictures to come!!

Also please look for us at the Remodeling Show at the American Royal on February 10-12!!!

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Whole House Remodel – Overland Park

January 5, 2012

Alli @ 4:11 pm

RARE is very excited about all of the progress happening on the whole house remodel in Overland Park! The house has been busy with activity as many of our sub-contractors have been steadily working.  The sheet-rockers are finishing up their part this afternoon, which allows our guys to begin tiling the bathroom floors within the next day or so. The new Onyx shower bases and walls have been installed in each of the bathrooms. In the master bathroom, the homeowners choose the color Tranquil for the Onyx walls and shower base.  And in the guest bathroom the homeowners decided on Snowswirl.  The guys have finished the tile around the fireplace in the living room as you can see in the pictures below.  The house is definitely looking more and more like a beautiful home and we know the homeowners are very excited with all of the progress!!


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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

December 6, 2011

Alli @ 9:35 am

There has been a lot of progress on the whole house remodel in Overland Park over the last two weeks!

The exterior updates are mostly complete except for the front porch. We are waiting on the Moistureshield, Earthtones decking material. The guys have moved inside and have finished the interior demo. They have been steadily working on framing all of the new spaces.  There are several pictures below showing the new hallway leading to a new back door to the back patio, as well as the new quest bathroom and guest bedroom. Also the newly framed in master bedroom closet and master bathroom.

We are ordering the Merillat Classic – Portrait Medium Oak kitchen cabinets this week as well, along with the bathroom vanities.

More updates and pictures to come!

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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

November 18, 2011

Alli @ 9:52 am

We are well under way with the siding installation on the whole house remodel in Overland Park! The pre-finished, cedar singles from Shakertown came in 8′ lengths which has helped tremendously in cutting down on the amount of time it takes to install. The installation process seems to be going pretty smoothly as the prep work has been minimal. The shingles came already backed with felt paper and 1/2″ plywood and have over-locking end-joints for a seamless appearance. And the blind/concealed nailing creates a true, traditional shingle presentation. Be sure to check out the pictures below!

The roofers finished the new roof on the house and newly finished enlarged garage as well. The new gutters are being installed next week and the guys will also be finishing up the front porch. Check back next week for more updates and pictures!!

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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

November 11, 2011

Alli @ 1:25 pm

We are moving right along on the whole house remodel in Overland Park! This past week the exterior trim around all of the windows, doors and the house was nearly completed. All of the old siding was removed in preparation for the new handcrafted shingle panels, which we are hoping to start next week. We had a bit of a delayed start on the siding due to the weather. The front porch was also started this week as you can see in the pictures below. There are still some details to be finished such as the side railing, the stairs being adjusted, and the front door location being moved slightly towards the left. The use of the thick posts gives the front porch a very defined look and is reminiscent of the arts & crafts time period. The roofers also began working on putting the new roof on this week.  More of the interior demo was completed, in order to reconfigure many of the rooms. More updates and pictures to come next week!

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Overland Park – Whole House Remodel

November 8, 2011

Alli @ 4:29 pm

RARE has just started another whole house remodel in Overland Park!! The homeowners had recently purchased the house and are looking to make some updates to the 1941 residence. The plan for the first phase of work  is to replace the small one car garage with a larger two car garage with a new carriage style garage door. As well as replacing all windows and a few doors. Also we will be replacing the siding with Cedar Valley – handcrafted shingle panels. The second phase involves a complete home renovation of an existing bathroom, widening a hallway and re-doing the outdated kitchen.

We have since began the first phase and replaced the one car garage and put up the two car garage. The carriage style garage door which came from Builders Overhead Door was installed last week and can be seen in the picture below. The new cottage style windows from Marvin were also installed last week and the guys are currently working on finishing out the trimming and putting up the new siding. Also happening this week is the start of the new porch which was designed by the homeowner himself. More updates and pictures are to come!!

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Our Fabulous Finish in Country Club Heights!

November 17, 2010

Our Fabulous Finish in Country Club Heights!
Sheila @ 12:43 pm

Can you believe RARE Construction, Inc. began this almost “Whole House Remodel” in August and now, before Thanksgiving, our homeowners are moving in?  The Kitchen and Master Bath remodels turned out so well, we have decided to enter them in our local NARI Chapter Remodel of the Year contest.  We have put countless hours in pulling together the before and after photos, floor plans and completing the write up of the job specifics.  We will let you know in January after the awards presentation how we fared.

You ask, “What all have you accomplished?”  Beyond, what was has been discussed in our previous posts we have completed several other projects.

The old deck, which had many rotten wood planks, has gotten a new layout.  The old deck only existed outside the French doors.  With our new back entry location, the homeowners chose to expand the deck to connect the two areas.  This new larger deck will work great for family time and entertaining.

A new Laundry Room is concealed in the Mud Room.  This new multi-purpose space used to be a small Breakfast Room/Butler’s Pantry that connected the Dining Room to the Kitchen.  With the Kitchen and Dining room now open, we enclosed one of the doorways and adjusted the placement and height of the other so that the laundry area could be moved up from the basement.  The new front loading washer and dryer have a useful granite, folding surface above and additional storage within a wall cabinet and open shelves over that.

When we re-routed the basement stairs, it required us to build new structures to support them.  These new basement walls created an alcove for the clients to use as a workbench.  We were also able to adjust the placement of the hot water heater and re-route some HVAC Ducting to make the space function better for storage and wood working projects.

Additionally, the enclosed stairs to the second floor allowed us to open up the space in the bedroom above.  This wonderful, large, open room will now work great for their daughter to grow up in.

We have accomplished, “everything and a bag of chips.”  This new home, for our clients, will definitely have a short “honey do” list.

Enjoy some of our “After Photos” below.

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Country Club Heights In Color

October 1, 2010

Country Club Heights In Color
Sheila @ 6:15 pm

We have paint and cabinets!  The main floor paint is complete.  The homeowners have elected to save some money by painting the “private” spaces of their home.  The cabinets have been delivered and we are in the process of installing them now.  Exciting times, as we will progress quickly through to tile.

The homeowners are definitely trending to the times with the paint color selections.  As we discussed their preferences, the transitional style of the popular shopping venues: Pottery Barn, Crate&Barrel, and Restoration Hardware shown through.  Deep dark wood tones, gray hewn paint colors, and bright white flat panel cabinetry define their twist on the Prairie Style inspiration for the “new” home.  In the kitchen and dining room, Sherwin Williams “Anew Gray” will allow the Ice Brown granite counter to pop.  For the living room, Restoration Hardware’s “Slate” color cozies up the space and brings the home into the 21st century color palette.  To complete the clean lines, Sherwin Williams “Pure White” glistens on the focal point of the living room, the fireplace, original cove crown molding with picture rail and tall baseboards.  Enjoy the pictures below.  We will discuss the bathroom updates next week.

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